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Exotic Pet Care Information

The Dewinton Pet Hospital does not endorse individual companies or websites but provides equal opportunities to all companies to aid us in educating our clients. The views and content expressed in the following sites do not necessarily express the views or opinions of the Dewinton Pet Hospital, however we do feel they may be beneficial in nature. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!


Whether you are in need of a one time check up, or you want a reliable veterinarian office you can rely on for all future pet health needs, Dewinton Pet Hospital is here for you.


House Rabbit Society

Great library of resources covering all rabbit related care needs.

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Oxbow Pet Supplies

Supplier of premium hay, life-staged foods and supportive care products.

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Camelot's Kitchen

Book of healthy, delicious, and innovative salad recipes.

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What Do Rabbits Eat

Extensive list of herbs that are safe for rabbit consumption.

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Rocky Mountain Tails

Calgary’s finest independent pet supply and grooming destination.

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Binky Bunny Hair Buster

Fine rabbit grooming brush that commonly gets rave reviews.

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Provincially registered, non-profit reptile network providing information.

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Melissa Kaplan's Guide

Extensive knowledge on amphibians, chelonians, iguanas and more.

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Water Dragon & Reptile Care

Information on caring for your pet Amphibian, Reptile and Water Dragon.

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UV Guide for Reptiles

Helping you get the right UV lighting for your reptilian pets cage.

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Green Iguana Society

Extensive nutrition food chart for pet herbivore reptiles.

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Oxbow Reptile Supplies

World class nutritious food and supplies for pet reptiles.

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Moon Valley Reptiles

Feeder insects for reptiles, live insects as well as diet tips for geckos.

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Calgary Parrot Club

Monthly meetings to enrich the lives of pet parrots in Calgary.

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Harrison's Bird Food

Formula that provides proper nutrition for your birds lifetime care.

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Good Bird Inc.

Bird training that enforces bonding through positive reinforcement.

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UV Guide for Birds

Helping you get the right UV lighting for your new bird cage.

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Extensive library of bird food and bird health resources.

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Cockatie Cottage

Learn about how different types of house plants can be secretly poisonous to your bird.

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The Gabriel Foundation

The Gabriel Foundation is a parrot welfare organization, whose mission and purpose is to provide safe sanctuary and care for parrots in need.

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea Lynx

Extensive medical and care guide for pet Guinea Pigs in Calgary

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Oxbow Guinea Pig Food

Premium supplier of food for your pet guinea pig.

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The I.H.A.

The International Hedgehog Association provides educational material.

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Hedgehog Central

Information on how best to care for your pet hedgehog in Calgary.

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Mazuri Food

Premium supplier of nutritious food for your exotic pet hedgehog.

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