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How to Bathe a Cat

Compared to their non-domesticated brothers and sisters in the wild, cats stay clear of being exposed to water in the home. Cats don’t actually need to be bathed all that often, as they groom themselves naturally. Just regular brushing is typically enough to keep your pet looking clean ... Read More
March 21, 2016Dewinton Pet Hospital


At one point or another, you’ll find yourself at a point when you’ll need to leave your dog home alone. Before leaving your dog alone for long periods, you need to teach them how to amuse himself until you return.There’s a number of ways to do this, such as stuffed ... Read More
February 23, 2016Dewinton Pet Hospital
Calgary snake veterinarian


Snakes make wonderful pets, they are easy to care for and beautiful to look at. If you’re considering getting a snake, or already have one, you’ll want to be sure your snake is as happy and healthy as possible. This starts with a well-planned enclosure, complete with all the necessities. Tank ... Read More
January 5, 2016Dewinton Pet Hospital



How to House Train a Cat

Unlike dogs, kittens and cats are easy to house train. In fact, you don’t have to train a cat to use a litter box at all. Your cat’s instincts will tell it to bury its stools in the litter box that you provided. Litter Containers Litter pans or boxes are available in ... Read More
December 11, 2015Dewinton Pet Hospital
Exotic Vets in Calgary – Chameleon


If you’re like the many Canadians who own exotic pets, you know that their needs are a little different than the traditional dog or cat. You’ll also know that your exotic pet needs certain conditions in order to be happy and healthy, and with an incoming Canadian winter approaching, you ... Read More
October 27, 2015Dewinton Pet Hospital
Fall Activities for Dogs


As we exit summer and begin to enter Fall, many pet owners want to enjoy the remaining sunny days before the snow blankets the city. Luckily, there’s a variety of fun activity that you and your dog can enjoy together during Fall. So pack your picnic lunch, your furry friend ... Read More
September 11, 2015Dewinton Pet Hospital


Be sure to take advantage of the nice days this summer by visiting one of the amazing dog parks in Calgary! Filled with the best natural sights and sounds, these dog parks will be a treat for pet and owner alike. 1. River Park River Park is located in southwest Calgary on ... Read More


It can be easy to take your cat or dog to the vet to get eye drops, shots or medication applied, but sometimes you’ll need to do it yourself, so here’s our online resources for making at-home pet care a breeze! Cats Eye Care Occasionally, ... Read More
Bearded Dragon


Do you want to own a pet without having to take them for walks? Bearded Dragons are, without a doubt, an excellent lizard to own for any novice or beginner lizard owners. They are commonly bred in captivity, are widely available, grow to only 18 to 24 inches, enjoy regular ... Read More
March 12, 2015Dewinton Pet Hospital
Emotions in Animals


Do My Pets Have Emotions? Most dog and cat owners will answer this question with an enthusiastic "Yes, of course they do!" To those of use who have a close family pet, that answer seems so obvious that we may be temped to shrug off the topic completely. However, it is ... Read More
February 6, 2015Dewinton Pet Hospital